About Us

TriBristol is the race organisation arm of Bristol based triathlon club, BADTri (Bristol and District Triathletes).

Bristol & District Triathletes was established in 2004 by a small group of people who had a big vision for triathlon in Bristol. Subsequently, BADTri grew into the South West’s leading triathlon club and currently has over 800 members. The club operates in an entirely non-profit making capacity and all coaches and other officials provide their time to the club free of charge.

To further broaden the club’s methods of creating opportunities for participation in triathlon, the club has always held an ambition to put on races attractive and open to all types of triathletes. The club first realised this ambition in 2009 and now holds a growing portfolio of races in the Bristol area for both adults and children. TriBristol was born!

Following on from the philosophy of the club, TriBristol also operates on an entirely voluntary basis with the TriBristol race team operating in a voluntary capacity. This means that the races are non-profit making. All entry fees generated contribute to the cost of holding the race (i.e. the cost of closing roads, hiring the pontoon, first aid, barriers etc) and no profit is generated. All the money athletes pay towards entering the race go towards making race day the best possible experience. TriBristol currently does not make a surplus but any surplus made by the race in the future will be donated to charity. In the past, TriBristol has been fortunate enough to donate to local children’s charity Wooden Spoon. Other charities we work with include Frank Water and The British Red Cross. We hope to give more to all our charity partners soon!