As we count down to the last couple of days here are a few stats for those who LOVE numbers…

This year our youngest male and female competitors are just 17 years old and as for the oldest, for men it is 75 and for the ladies it is 62, so we have a wide rage of ages.

City wise we have 418 of you coming from Bristol and then its all over the UK with the next biggest city represented being London with 36 people.  BADtri and Kingswood tri and the largest represented clubs in the race, with locals PACtri coming a close third.  All three of our armed forces are also represnted  with racers from the Royal Navy, RAF and British Army.

We have over 100 people giving up their weekend to make this event happen with a core team of 10 who have been working sine before the 2016 event to bring TriBristol to you.  your commentator has travelled over 11,000 miles to talk you through the race and will have only been in the UK for a matter of hours before picking up the mic.

We have a drone filming you from the sky and a team of dedicated photographers on the ground.  We cant wait to see you all Sunday but if you want to come down Saturday and have a look around you are more than welcome to pop in for the afternoon.